Theres more to webhosting services that just webhosting.

Providing webstorage diskspace, domain name registration, technically qualified live support staff available 24/7, guidance and advice and help.

Primarily, SINPZ is a webhosting platform and domain registration however, we offer more services that other webhosting providers. Our staff are dedicated to computer technology in all forms and have many years of experience in all facets of the computer world including webbuilding and software. We are coders, and troubleshooters (you have a problem, we'll help you), we are webdesigners and website builders. We have knowledge of PHP, Javascript, html, css and the list goes on.

We are also competant where hardware and software are concerned. Our team, made up of various members, have completed courses in many diverse areas of the computer realm, such as B.Tech (bachelor of technology). This is the staff that mans our support areas for your 24/7 support, whether it be by email, ticket system or live chat, knowledgable people that will actually help you to solve your issue and not just send you to a FAQ link page or a support forum where members of the public may or may not have solved the issue or answered correctly. Once we have your problem in hand, we will work with you until it is solved.

We also help new website owners in setting up their first site, and will help you decide which script is the best to install for the type of site you wish to build. We also can be called upon to build a site for you completely. (Just contact us and let us know your requirements).

Our main goal is to provide our customers with the cheapest and most professional webhosting available.

We want to be number one, and not just in the top ten. We want you to have the best possible webhosting and we want you to be a success. And we want you to be completely satisfied and to tell your friends who we are and what we do.

We worked hard to create webhosting packages that were superior to the competition, at competitive pricing, with better inclusions. We have many levels of packages, from the most basic to the premium web accounts with unlimited bandwidth, usage, diskspace (storage), domains, subdomains, addon domains, email accounts, mysql, ftp, free domain name, free software and scripts, free support, free access to wysiwyg website builders, including free templates... We have included absolutely everything that we could think of that ANY website owner could want, and have still managed to beat the price of any other webhosting service.

Why would you want to have your website somewhere else?

We cant think of a reason. We know we're unmatchable.

We know computers, we know webhosting, our support is unbeatable, and our webhosting packages are unbeatable. Our domain name registration prices are inexpensive too!

SINPZ webhosting services are perfect for the new website owner who may require more that a little assistance, and perfect for the experienced webmaster who knows we're unbeatable.

For more information, please feel free to talk to one of our live chat staff or send us an email with any questions you may have.

Registering a new site is fast and simple. Your new site will be set up and operation within a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the requirements. You will recieve an email notification as soon as its ready for you. We can also help you to transfer your site from another provider (we will move all the files for you and this service is free.)

When your site is hosted at sinpz.com, our knowledge is yours.