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Choose servers and customize them as per your requirement.

Single Processor Servers
INTEL Xeon Quad Core 4 X 2.3 GHZ 16 GB 2 X 500 GB SATA 10 TB @ 1 Gbps $99.99$60
INTEL Xeon Octa Core 8 X 2.3 GHZ +HT 24 GB 2 X 1 TB SATA 10 TB @ 1 Gbps $139.99

Dual Processor Servers
DUAL INTEL Octa Core 12 X 2.3 GHZ +HT 32 GB 2 X 2 TB SATA 10 TB @ 1 Gbps $199.99

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99.99% Uptime Guarantee

2x Faster & Secure

All our servers are configured in RAID to optimize perfomance and reliability, with Varnish cache your website performance is maximized upto 2X.

With performance boost thanks to our low density, premium servers, your website’s loading times will scream past your competition along with Cloudflare which speeds up and protects millions of websites.

Optimised of shared hosting

With #1 cPanel and varnish cache all our servers are customised and optimised as per your requirement with our free server management.

Have any question just chat with us or open a support ticket in our support portal, we are always here round the clock 24/7 to help you out.

Best Security with DDoS Protection

All our servers have DDoS protection as standard, our DDoS mitigation service can deal with any form of attacks. Your DNS & infrastructure are under 24/7 protection.

All our Hosting, Reseller, VPS & Dedicated servers are protected by DDoS.